Porting CP/M 68K to a custom 68K SBC
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Author:  computerdoc [ Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Porting CP/M 68K to a custom 68K SBC

Hi Everybody,
I too am not sure where to put my introduction and a brief description of the 68K board a friend of mine designed and to which we are working on porting CP/M 68K so I created this topic for this particular board. I am coming from a 6809 based Tandy Color Computer 3 background so I figured the 68K is a natural path for me to continue my education using Motorola processors.
The 1st version of this 68K board which I currently have running has 2MBs of static ram implemented using 4 - 4Mbit AS6C4008 static ram chips, 64KBs of eprom space implemented using 2 - 256Kbit eproms, 4 - 8-bit Parallel ports, 2 - RS-232 Serial 9-pin Ports and a few LEDs that can be used as indicators in user programs. The following url is a photo of this 1st version of the board.
< https://www.dropbox.com/s/x0qim7bu7aby6 ... b.jpg?dl=0>
The designer has added CF Card storage to the 2nd version of this board as well as increasing the eprom/eeprom space up to 1MBs of eeprom space implemented using 2 - 4Mbit eeproms. The following url is a photo of the 2nd version of this board.
< https://www.dropbox.com/s/jaoydio7apmg2ss/68k.jpg?dl=0>
I am due to receive this board shortly. Both of these boards use an MC68000P12 or any 68K pin compatible chip. After I receive my 68K SBC v2 pcb and get it built, I will be helping the designer get his version of the BIOS for CP/M 68K working on this platform.
My first question is this. Where is all the software and documentation for the CP/M 68K distributions and software for any customized versions of CP/M 68K available for download.
Second, I have both EASy68K and IDE68K running on my Windows 7 laptop as well as cygwin64 for a local linux type of environment. I can connect to my 68K board using putty, but I cannot connect to my board with neither EASy68K nor IDE68K. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I'm missing and/or doing wrong?
Third, using putty I can download ready built s-record files of programs that work on this board which are few so far such as a modified Tiny Basic Interpreter, but I don't know enough yet to modify such things as EhBasic, or anything else I come across.
Any help, suggestions, ideas, pointers, posers, etcetera would be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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