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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:20 pm 

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Hallo prof Kelly,

I did a lot of programming in 68K ASM, since my youth.
So, I have a lot of old well working asm files I like to use for my small robots.
They are all created with an old ASM assembler who uses other controls.
And one of the things are the use of other commands for the old $, %, &
the program used to determine hexadecimal, binary, decimal and octal values,
h', b', d', o'.

So, is it possible to change this in the Easy68K environment ?
And if so, where can I change this in the source code to replace them ?

decimal become d'
binary becomes b'
hexadecimal becomes h'
octal becomes o'

Some examples:

AND.B #d'31,d0 * clear D5...D7
AND.B #h'1F,d0 * clear D5...D7
AND.B #b'00011111,d0 * clear D5...D7


Greetings from Belgium
Hobby robot builder

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:35 pm 
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    EVAL.CPP contains the parser code that evaluates numeric literals. Currently in EASy68K:
    $ = hexadecimal
    % = binary
    @ = base 8
    default = base 10
  else if (*p == '$' && isxdigit(*(p+1))) {
    /* Convert hex digits until another character is
       found. (At least one hex digit is present.) */
    x = 0;
    while (isxdigit(*++p)) {
      if ((unsigned int)x > (unsigned int)LONGLIMIT/16)
      if (*p > '9')
   x = 16 * x + (*p - 'A' + 10);
   x = 16 * x + (*p - '0');
    *numberPtr = x;
    return p;
  else if (*p == '%' || *p == '@' || isdigit(*p)) {
    /* Convert digits in the appropriate base (binary,
       octal, or decimal) until an invalid digit is found. */
    if (*p == '%') {
      base = 2;
    else if (*p == '@') {
      base = 8;
      base = 10;

Modifying EASy68K would require an old copy of Borland C++ Builder 6.x.

Prof. Kelly

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:09 pm 
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You'd likely be easier to change your files marc_256, unless there is good reason not to?

Programs like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code can quickly search and replace even through multiple files.

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