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 Post subject: xmodem CRC checksum
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:29 pm 

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I am using hyper terminal to up load 68000 source code to th simulator vlumes and I can't get the CRC to match theri CRC. Do you have a CRC calculation program in 68000 assembler code?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:45 pm 

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Admittedly an old thread, but was tinkering with X-MODEM recently. This is a serial (bit wise) implementation. Typically I'd use a parallel table driven CRC method for speed but it has a bigger footprint.

start      moveq       #0,D0           ; Zero initial CRC for XMODEM
           lea         test,A0         ; Pointer to string
           move.w      #9,D1           ; Length of string
           bsr         CrcBlock        ; Compute CRC for block


test       DC.B "123456789" ; X-Modem CRC should be 0x31C3

; C Implementation of simple serial implementation
;  int i;
;  while(Size--) // Byte Loop
;  {
;    Crc ^= (WORD)*Buffer++ << 8;
;    for(i=0; i<8; i++) // Bit Loop
;      if (Crc & 0x8000) // Check for rollover
;        Crc = (Crc << 1) ^ 0x1021; // Apply feedback Polynomial
;      else
;        Crc = (Crc << 1);
;  }
;  return(Crc); // Return new CRC

; Reasonably efficient 68K implementation

; Input  D0 = Crc, D1 = Size, A0 = Buffer
; Uses   D1, D2, A0
; Return D0 = Crc
           or.w        D1,D1           ; Test for zero size
           beq         CrcBlock_40
           subq.w      #1,D1           ; Predecrement size for DBRA
           move.b      (A0)+,D2        ; Get next byte
           asl.w       #8,D2           ; move to high order byte within word
           eor.w       D2,D0           ; xor data into current CRC
           moveq       #7,D2           ; 8 bits in byte - 1 for DBRA
           asl.w       #1,D0           ; Shift CRC register
           bcc         CrcBlock_30     ; Check for high order bit rolling into carry
           eori.w      #$1021,D0       ; Apply feedback polynomial
           dbra        D2,CrcBlock_20  ; Bit loop
           dbra        D1,CrcBlock_10  ; Byte loop
           rts                         ; Return new CRC in D0

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