Where is 68K mostly used these days?
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Author:  RyanFaeScotland [ Wed May 02, 2018 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Where is 68K mostly used these days?

Just a little fun topic for discussion amongst the different members here.

It seems lots of us use 68K for different reasons, I see lots of academic reasons (i.e. learning / teaching in a professional educational setting), quite a few that are interested in the hardware side of things (making 68K computers themselves), then of course there are the game programmers and the retro computer fans (Amiga, Sega, Pure 68K).

What do you think is the most prevalent use of 68K assembly among enthusiast these days? Enthusiasts being people who actually want to use 68K and seek out projects with it, not legacy / embedded systems that are out there that have never been updated!

I think the Amiga programming side has a fairly large following, that seems to be what the largest proportition of my search results relate to whenever I'm looking something up online. Of course this could be bias as I am normally looking up something gaming related with it (however it is the Sega Megadrive I'm interested in which seems to have less of a following than the Amiga at a programming level).

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