EhBASIC interpreter
EhBASIC by Lee Davison: is a full featured BASIC interpreter for the 680x0 microprocessor.

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MHz benchmark

MHz by Lee Davison: is a benchmark test that attempts to gauge the clock speed of the 68000. In tests on real 68000 hardware it has given results accurate to better than 2% PDP-8 Sim by Lee Davison: is a mostly untested PDP-8 simulator and includes a "Hello world!" program that runs.

Tutor - The Tutor monitor program from the original Motorola Education Computer board modified for EASy68K. DumbTerm by Charles Kelly : A dumb serial terminal program for EASy68K v5.0.0 or newer. Demonstrates serial communications.

3 is a portable, pure-postfix, medium-level programming language environment intended tor direct implementation on actual or emulated hardware.

  • 3 is slightly lower-level than plain C, but significantly higher level than macro assembly language.

  • 3's syntax is postfix, like that of Forth, but 3 is not a threaded, interpretive environment.

  • 3 implementations contain extensible native assembler support for native machine code.

The "3" Programming Language by Jim Gilbert:  


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