EASyZONE, a BattleZone type game Programming 2D Games

EASyZONE by Lee Davison: a BattleZone type game that offers both the traditional green wireframe view and a red/blue 3D wireframe view. This update for EASy68K 3.6 beta or above adds window size control, new sounds and new enemies.

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AirStrike by Yassine Loudad
N - New Game, E,D up/down, L fire

Invader 1000 by Lee Davison: a recreation of the Galaxy invader 1000 handheld game. I had this game a while after it was first out but that one has long gone. Recently I was given a part working one, so I created this. Requires EASy68K 3.7.10 beta or later. Updated V1.01

A satisfied user said .. "Stunning! I can almost smell the vacuum fluorescent display."

Lights Out

Lightsout by Lee Davison: A recreation of the 'Lights Out' game by Tiger. This game has sounds, has two modes and over 1000 puzzles. Requires EASy68K 3.6 or later.

Asteroids by Lee Davison: A recreation of the arcade game of the same name.

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Pellet Eater by Dex: Classic arcade game. Good demonstration of graphics.

Five Card Draw

Five Card Draw by Nicholas Loar
Play against the computer. Uses mouse to select cards.

Brick Out style game by Brian Martin: Good demonstration of graphics and sound


Flip game by Travis Leckie Tetris style game by Martin Wilson
Gravity Pong
Gravity Pong by Timothy Hooker ... the more support the better

Pong game by Neil Richardson Tic-Tac-Toe by Jeff Beauman: Two player game.

Maze Run

Memory Game

Maze Run by Tanner Trombley Memory Game by Preston Doherty

Random Maze


Random Maze by Blake Price

Craps by Laron Anderson

draw square

Text Adventure

2048 by Blaine Hubbert and Garrett Gautz. Use WASD to move blocks as far as they will go in that direction. Combine like blocks to 'add' them. Make a 2048 block to win. To play again, you must restart the simulator. Original game made by Gabriele Cirulli

Text Adventure by Lindsay Insco.
Is it possible to create a computer game with no graphics?


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Spacewar by Charles Kelly. Spacewar is probably the first animated computer game ever written. Demonstrates fixed point numbers and circle collision detection.

Maze Runner

Alien Invasion, Pucky and Protector
Maze Runner Level 1 by Edward Smith. Move with arrow keys. Exit the maze to the right without hitting obstacles or walls. You have 20 seconds. Three Games by Edward Smith. Alien Invasion, Pucky and Protector.
Slot-O-Rama EASyEngine
Slot-O-Rama by Edward Smith. EASyEngine-Master by Robert Kennedy. A game engine library written in EASy68K assembly language including 2D bitmap graphics, audio, and user input. See included README for additional credits.
Dragon Ball Z by Jacob Edelen  

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