Eight eights puzzle
Eight 8s by Lee Davison: The objective of Eight eights is to get all eight digits of the LED display lit. This can be done using the eight toggle switches below the display in as few as forty five switches.

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Hardware LED clock

Text out digital clock

LED clock by Lee Davison: is another EASy68K clock. This one differs in that it uses the simulated LED hardware for the display. TermClock by Lee Davison: is a digital clock that only uses the text I/O functions in Sim68K. This would allow it to be run on any 68000 system that can emulate the corresponding Sim68K TRAP #15 I/O calls.

Scrolling Text by Alan Swanson: Scrolls a string of up to 80 characters on the 7-segment display Network Echo Client/Server by Charles Kelly: The echo server displays received messages and sends them back to the client. Demonstrates TCP/IP communications in EASy68K.
Printing Example by Charles Kelly : Demonstrates how to use Trap Task #10 to print from your 68000 program.

RSA Chat by Bobby Thompson: Client/Server chat program that uses RSA encryption.

Mouse Read & Window Size Example by Charles Kelly: Demonstrates reading the mouse and changing the size of the output window.
Network Messaging
  Network Messaging by William Redfern. This program demonstrates how a server and client send data back and forth to each other. See ReadMe.txt for details.

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