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Editor/Assembler/Simulator for the 68000

Includes S-Record and Binary file utility.


Welcome to the EASy68K home page. EASy68K is a 68000 Structured Assembly Language IDE. EASy68K allows you to edit, assemble and run 68000 programs on a Windows PC or Wine. No additional hardware is required. EASy68K is an open source project distributed under the GNU general public use license.

EASy68K, the #1 68000 Assembler and 68000 Simulator according to Google. Yea!!!!!!


Check the Forum for latest version information.

Current Build
SetupEASy68K.exe   Executable with installer
SHA1 = 7ABC593D63E533A5246A811160CCEF95E20D3906

EASy68K.zip            Portable App with no installer
SHA1 = 5FC2C55DAAC2F6DABD9803441C1B2F51CDB1D27A

EASy68Ksource.zip  Source Code, Requires Borland C++ Builder 6.0 or newer to compile.
SHA1 = EADE22BB2837F689765ED30AA3B800B7BB16ADAB

Previous Build
SetupEASy68K.exe  Executable with installer


Last Updated August 14, 2017