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EASy68K was created for use in CIS 268 "Assembly Language and Computer Architecture", a class that I teach at Monroe County Community College. This tool began when one of my student's, Tim Larson, decided to write an editor for use with the Teesside assembler. Tim is a very talented programmer and spent many hours creating the editor and assembler interface. I found some C source code for a 68000 assembler and simulator written by Paul McKee for ECE492 at North Carolina State University on 12/13/86. After a little work, I was able to get the assembler working and Tim incorporated it with his editor. The simulator required a bit more effort, the version I downloaded was not complete. After many changes and additions I managed to create a functional simulator, created a GUI for it and bundled it with Tim's editor to create EASy68K.

At that point EASy68K took on a life of its own and has since consumed many hours of my life in the process. I have made so many changes and added so many new features that I have lost track. What started as a simple editor has grown into one of the most popular assembly language tools in the world. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project over the years.

Enjoy the pursuit,

Prof. Charles Kelly


EASy68k is distributed under the GNU General Public Use License. The software is not warranted in any way. Use at your own risk.


Undocumented Features

If you find an undocumented feature (bug) please take the following steps when reporting it:

1. Download the latest version of the EASy68K and try it.
2. If the feature remains, create the simplest possible 68000 program that clearly demonstrates it.
3. Write a clear and concise description of the behavior and post it on the EASy68K forum.


EASy68K requires HTML help and Internet Explore 4.0 or later. All versions of Windows since 2000 should already have HTML help installed. If you are having problems running EASy68K because of missing HTML help files you can download the required files from:

Changes to the program

Over the years many changes and additions have been made by myself and others to improve EASy68K.

If you add features or make changes to the program to correct bugs please send them to me so that I may post them for everyone to benefit from. Before you start making changes please be sure to download the latest version of the source code. If you are making changes to correct a bug please submit a bug report along with your changes.


    Prof. Charles Kelly: project lead and major contributor.
    Paul McKee: original 68000 assembler/simulator code
    Tim Larson: original editor.
    Eric Nelson: excellent new breakpoint features in the simulator.
    Aaron Curley, Curt Vickre & Jon Squires: HTML help system.
    Lee Davison: for all your help in tracking down bugs and the example programs.
    All the users who have sent in comments and bug reports.

Useful Links

Alan Clement's Page  The author of "68000 Family Assembly Language" and the home page for the Teesside assembler/simulator.

Paul R. Santa-Maria's Page Good 68000 information and other links.

Programmers Heaven    You'll find EASy68k plus a bunch of other useful stuff.

Misc. Links

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